Female Ghostbusters Cast For Reboot

It’s been officially announced that the cast for the female-driven ‘Ghostbusters’ reboot will consist of Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones.

New Ghostbusters Cast!

Pretty sure after it was announced that Paul Feig (‘Bridesmaids’ & ‘The Heat’) was going to direct an all-female ‘Ghostbusters’ movie, we all figured that Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy were going to be in it. So no surprise there.

The other 2 cast members however, I didn’t expect at all. Kate McKinnon’s work on Saturday Night Live has really grown on me lately with all of the strange characters she tends to portray. And SNL newcomer Leslie Jones seems to be very funny.

So now we’re following in the footsteps of the original ‘Ghostbusters’, as we have more than half of them being SNL cast members (both new and old). These are all, in my opinion, some of the funniest women working today. I can honestly say that I’m excited about this casting announcement.

I am however, still very skeptical about the movie itself. Sure, it has a great comedic director, and now it has a great cast going for it. But the whole “reboot” thing is something I’m still not sold on.

Why can’t this be a continuation of the original ‘Ghostbusters’? That is one of my favorite movies of all time, and the 2nd one isn’t half bad either. Why can’t this just be ‘Ghostbusters 3’ with a female-driven cast? I’m not sure, but hopefully they can at least find a way to have some nods to the original and sneak the original 80’s Ray Parker, Jr. theme song in it somewhere. Then at least some of can can try to pretend it’s the ‘Ghostbusters 3’ we’ve all waited so long to see.

With all that said though, I’m still excited to see how this movie turns out. I have no doubt that it will be funny, and I’ll still be seeing it no matter what.

It’s now been announced by Paul Feig via twitter, that the release date for ‘Ghostbusters’ has been set for July 22nd, 2016!


2 comments on “Female Ghostbusters Cast For Reboot

  1. As a Ghostbusters and Kristen Wiig fan im ashamed to admit this was flown well and truly under my radar, good piece! Thanks.


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