‘Interstellar’ Review

Directed by Christopher Nolan, Interstellar sees Matthew McConaughey leaving the dying planet Earth along with a few others, to seek out a new planet for the people of Earth to continue living on.

The plot sounds somewhat simple, however many other areas are touched upon. Dimensions like time and gravity are met when the crew are traveling through black holes in space. To know a thing or two about physics might help your understanding for this film, however, I know nothing about that stuff and I followed it just fine. However, it did get me more interested in the subjects that it touched on.

Before seeing this movie, I had heard a lot of other critics say that this was a decent movie that had some flaws. So I went in not expecting it to be as good as ‘Inception’, which is my favorite movie directed by Nolan. I should have kept my expectations high, because I absolutely LOVED this film and for me, the question of what movie is better, Interstellar or Inception, will be a debate that will always be happening in my mind.

What made this movie so fantastic for me was the emotion that it carried. When McConaughey drives away from his family as the countdown to his launch into space happening all simultaneously with Hans Zimmers’ score, it kind of made me choke up a bit. The story was excellent and was very thought provoking. The use of time was very interesting and I found that to be the emotional core for the film too. Having one character age, while having others remain the same was very cool.

I will give Interstellar an A. I have now seen the movie twice because of how great the theatrical experience was. I’ll definitely be buying it on blu-ray when it comes out. Upon my first viewing I only had a slight nitpick with how convenient the ending seemed. Then again, one has to remember this is mostly¬†science-fiction and NOT science-fact. Other than that, it was insanely enjoyable and I would recommend it to anyone.

3 comments on “‘Interstellar’ Review

  1. Flat out loved this one, even if it was longer than needed. Good review man.

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  2. Even though I have no intellectual talent when it comes to astrophysics, it’s something I’ve always been heavily interested in. That being said, I couldn’t wait to see this film, and when I did, I loved it. Nolan is one of my favorite directors, so like you, my expectations were high. What did you think of the ending? Do you think it could have/should have gone in a different direction?

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    • I did think the ending was a little too convenient. But then having him see his daughter once more as an old woman was really really cool and emotional. So in a way, they had to find a way for him to survive everything. The whole movie felt so realistic that by the time the end came, it felt kind of weird that things were so convenient. It ended up paying off though. But as I said in the review, people have to remember it’s still a very fictional outlook. I also don’t see any other way it could have ended so I’ve grown very fond of it, especially after seeing it twice.

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