‘Better Call Saul’ Series Premiere – ‘Uno’ Review

Alright, now normally I wouldn’t write about television. However, sometimes I think there will be exceptions every now and then. I’m not a huge TV watcher. For the most part the only drama shows I’ve ever watched in their entirety are ‘Lost’ and ‘Breaking Bad’. Everything else, I either find repetitive or just watch on occasion. The two shows I just mentioned though, I could never get enough of.

When ‘Breaking Bad’ ended and the creators announced that they would be developing a spin-off on the corrupt lawyer, Saul Goodman, I became totally stoked.

I was very excited to watch the first episode of this, and it did not disappoint. I’m pleased to say that if you liked ‘Breaking Bad’, you will like this just as much.

It has the same look and feel, and I’m already hooked. Saul was one of my favorite characters from the first show. I always thought he was hilarious. A lot of the humor is still there, but there is a perfect balance of drama and humor to this show.

Spin-offs can be a difficult thing. Often times they are never nearly as good as the original content. Many spin-offs also fall into an area where they force references to  the original movie/show as well. This however, was able to be its own thing, and the references to ‘Breaking Bad’ were subtle, yet well executed. Three characters from the original show appear (including Saul), and it didn’t feel like they were forcing them to be apart of it. It told a great story, and I already have an interest in the all characters, both new and old.

I just wanted to give my brief thoughts on the show so far. It was a really great start and if you like ‘Breaking Bad’, you must watch this. You’ll dig the ending! Even if you never saw the original show, you might still enjoy this. There is a lot of potential here, and I hope it keeps up!

4 comments on “‘Better Call Saul’ Series Premiere – ‘Uno’ Review

  1. I loved Breaking Bad too but was going to wait to see this, I think I might have to check it out now though. Great review!

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    • I went into it knowing it would be different from Breaking Bad, but a lot of elements still carried over.
      I never watch anything on a weekly basis anymore and since this is only 10 episodes, I might as well do it for this show.

      This episode will air again tonight before the second episode so you’ll have a chance to see it tonight again!

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  2. Gotta be honest, the first episode was really boring for me, and I watched the entire Breaking Bad series in a matter of weeks. That being said, I loved the second and third episode because things have kicked up a notch and like you said – felt very much like it had the same look and feel. I’m glad I stuck through it, because I’m now pretty hooked.

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    • Yeah I know exactly what you mean. The first half felt boring to me but the second half and cliff hanger was what made me keep watching. Usually when the second half of something is better, I tend to forget what I felt during the first half. I missed the 3rd episode this week! I’m not happy with myself but I’m sure it’ll be on again before ep. 4 on Monday.


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