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‘Fury’ Review

New to Blu-Ray is ‘Fury’, starring Brad Pitt and Logan Lerman, and directed by David Ayer.

My roommate decided to go out and purchase a copy of ‘Fury’ even though never seeing it this week. We decided to watch it since we had an entire Sunday ahead of us with very little to do.

Although I heard a lot of good things about it, I was a little skeptical going into this movie, mostly for one big reason. War films are hit or miss for me. Many can be for Hollywoodized, and that can really get under my skin. ‘Pearl Harbor’ might be the best example of that. ‘Saving Private Ryan’ on the other hand, shows the action that is necessary, while the rest focuses heavily on the drama aspects.

‘Fury’ is a bit more like the latter. There’s a lot of great action, sure. But that was not the point of this movie for me. It told a great story about a group of men who were more than willing to go down in a fight with each other.

At the same time, it focuses on the struggles with taking another life. Logan Lerman’s character, Norman, is the newcomer to the rest of the Fury tank crew, and he has no experience with taking another life. The rest of them have a bit more experience than they would like to admit.

Brad Pitt, who plays the crews’ Sergeant, Don, is shown multiple times, dealing with the issues of being in the face of death. He acts as a mentor to Norman character in a very good way. One section of the film, he forces the young Private to do the job that is necessary so that he and the rest of the crew can survive. On the flip side, you have scenes with Don, where he is very understanding of Norman’s actions and acknowledges that it’s very human to feel guilt. But until the war is over, Don makes a point to Norman that he should do all that is necessary.

It covers a lot of themes of war that have not been touched upon many times in war films. Granted, I’ve only really seen a handful of them (surprisingly). But none of them have gone in depth with what it’s like for a man to kill another man.

I enjoyed the progression of the character of Norman very much. He started out as someone who would NOT kill, and would rather die himself. Later, something he cares about is taken away from him, giving him a reason to fight back. It’s sick, thinking back on this, but as it’s proclaimed many times throughout, it’s necessary.

The tank scenes really make you feel like you’re in the war. I had this sense of claustrophobia whenever there were scenes shot from inside of the tank. Anything from outside felt very nerve-racking as well.

‘Fury’ ranks as one of the better war films I’ve seen, and I’ll give it a B+. I felt there could have been more development with the other characters apart of the crew, especially Shia LaBeouf and Michael Peña.  I loved the themes that were touched upon, and I also found the film very informative.The visual style was very good, and so was David Ayer’s direction. After this and ‘End of Watch’, I’m very excited for the DC Universe ‘Suicide Squad’ movie that he will be directing.

Check this one out!

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