‘Gone Girl’ Review

Directed by David Fincher, ‘Gone Girl’ sees a plot that involves Nick Dunn (played by Ben Affleck), dealing with the outcome of the mysterious disappearance of his wife (played by Rosamund Pike). With the disappearance becoming a huge media focus, attention is drawn to Nick Dunn, with many suspecting that he is the one guilty for his own wife being missing.

Nearly everything about this film is fantastic. Director David Fincher has always done an excellent job telling a story and setting a different, yet always dark mood for each of his films in my opinion.

I’m a big fan of his work, ranging from ‘Seven’ and ‘Fight Club’ to ‘Zodiac’ and ‘The Social Network’ being my favorites. And now I can add this one to the list.

It’s dark, gloomy, and disturbing.

The music is done by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, who have been working with Fincher for the past several films of his. They add a lot of eeriness, which left me feeling on the edge throughout the whole film. Even when the movie ends, the music makes me just want to shut the movie off because I feel uncomfortable. That’s a good thing in this case!

The acting from Ben Affleck is great, and there are a few surprise performances from others as well. Tyler Perry as the lawyer was one of them.

The biggest surprise for me was Rosamund Pike.
In her other movies she was always kind of just there and didn’t serve much purpose. In ‘Gone Girl’, she really delivers. Without spoiling too much, her development was excellent. By the last portion of the story, I felt nervous whenever she was on screen.

This story really teaches you that in today’s media driven world, you shouldn’t always believe every little thing that you read or see on the news or online. It’s a perfect representation of how our society is able to spread things and jump to conclusions without knowing a single fact about what’s really going on.

This is a reason I do not blog about “rumored” movie news. It’s simply not news, and at the end of the day, it’s a waste of peoples’ time. The news should be a trusted source, and giving false information is disgraceful.

I will give ‘Gone Girl’ an A. I was engaged throughout, and days later I am still thinking about it. Be ready for an ending that may upset you.

At first, I thought the end was too sudden and depressing. And it is depressing for sure. But the more I think about it the more I seem to love, appreciate, and understand the ending. If you’re a fan of David Fincher or just enjoy movies that stray away from the traditional happy ending outcome, I urge you to see this!

2 comments on “‘Gone Girl’ Review

  1. I’m a Fincher fan, as well, in particular for the titles you listed above. I don’t even blame him for the mess that was ‘Alien 3’ because he was a first-time director who had his every move controlled by the studio. I haven’t seen ‘Gone Girl’ yet, but everything I’ve read about it points to another huge hit from one of the great directors of our time.

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