‘Furious 7’ Review

I’m going to write this review as if everyone reading knows all of the characters (who plays them) and previous events already. There are just too many characters and backstory to get through. And let’s face it, you probably aren’t reading a review for the 7th film in a franchise if you don’t know the series by now.

‘Furious 7’ sees the Fast & Furious crew returning together to get to Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) before he gets to them.

This film FINALLY connects ‘Tokyo Drift’ to the rest of the series and is the first one to take place after the events of that film.

What we didn’t know originally about Han’s death in ‘Tokyo Drift’ was that it was no accident. Deckard Shaw is out for revenge for what Dom and his crew did to his brother in the previous film. His first hit was taking out Han in Tokyo.

It is an absolute miracle that this film actually turned out the way it did. Paul Walker finished about 75% of his scenes for this film before his unfortunate passing. This proved to be a difficult thing for the production of this. I was scared for this to turn out well, but thankfully it was great.

Once again, the action was turned up another 100 degrees. I honestly couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Everything was truly an intense spectacle. Almost every one of these action scenes were shown in the trailers, which scared me for the theater experience. However, the footage shown really only teased these scenes. I was still on the edge of my seat for every single action set-piece.

The action is ridiculous and laughable for sure, but just like the previous two installments, you still feel the intensity despite it being so over-the-top. Parachuting cars from the sky, and driving through the tallest buildings in the world are just a couple of the many amazing action scenes in this featuring vehicles. Aside from that, the hand to hand combat was also epic, and pretty well filmed too.

The plot-line was actually very strange. Other than understanding that Shaw was out to get these guys, the rest of the plot with the computer hacking device honestly did not make any sense.

But who is watching these for the plot?

For the most part, everything was easy to follow, and the reason people are watching these at this point is because of the action and the chemistry between the characters. All of these things were just as great as they always have been.

One of the stand outs in this was actually the characters of Roman and Tej. They were pretty funny in 5 and 6, but in this I thought they were flat out hilarious. I was laughing in just about every scene they were in.

The villain (Deckard Shaw), was actually very disappointing to me. They got Jason Statham to play him, and he really didn’t do much. He was pretty convincing as a bad guy and was pretty intimidating, but I expected a little more from his character. He just felt like more of a stand in that could have been played by anybody.

The Rock was also hardly in it, which I thought was going to be disappointing. BUT, when he is on screen, he’s doing the coolest stuff. I wanted to clap with everything he was doing at the end. It worked out perfectly that his role wasn’t all that big. Sometimes less is more.

A nice surprise was the appearance of Sean Boswell, the main character from ‘Tokyo Drift’. The part was very small, but it was great to finally have an actual tie-in with the movie that has been pretty irrelevant so far. I’m hoping that for future installments, he is apart of Dom’s crew and has a larger role. Another character I liked a lot was the one Kurt Russell played, and I hope he has more to do in the future as well. These are just some things that got me excited for the potential continuation of this series.

Of course, the biggest reason to see this is for Paul Walker. His unfortunate passing was felt a lot throughout this entire film. As fun and ridiculous this movie got, I still felt heavy emotion whenever Paul was on screen. It was great that they were able to have the film as a whole still feel so coherent, especially his part. Everything felt so complete, and I couldn’t ask for much more.

The film ends with a tribute to Paul Walker and his character Brian. This was where I felt a true connection to not only his character, but all of the characters and the actors themselves. It was clear in this scene that the reason the chemistry is so great in this series is because this entire cast has a connection both on-screen and off of it. They truly are a family.

This tribute to Paul was absolutely beautiful, and I loved the way they retired his character. He will be missed, but it’s good to have this feeling that even though we’ll never see him again, we know that he has left such a great legacy with this series, and to everyone around him.

If the series were to end here, I honestly wouldn’t mind. Everything was wrapped up very well and everything is now connected (finally). However, there is still so much they can do with this series, and I believe we will get to see this franchise continue to go in amazing directions.

‘Furious 7’ gets an A. It has some problems with the plot, but as I said, this series doesn’t need to be completely concerned about detail in that area. The action and the chemistry between characters was the best yet, and I couldn’t be more happy with the ending and the way this film turned out due to the issues that happened behind the scenes.

This series truly does get greater and greater, and in my opinion, this is the best yet. It was everything that I expected it to be and even more!

7 comments on “‘Furious 7’ Review

  1. Wonderful review. I don’t think it is as good as Fast Five, but I say it is tied with 1 right now for my second fav of the franchise.

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  2. Nice review, Dave. I was thinking about how it would be cool if Boswell joined the crew, too. Since O’Connor is off raising a family, that only leaves four members (I’m assuming Mia is out, too). Plus it would help bring Tokyo Drift more into the Fast and Furious fold.

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