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‘Mission: Impossible- Rogue Nation’ Review

Ahh, the ‘Mission: Impossible’ franchise…

When I think of this series, I kind of see a mirroring image of the ‘Fast & Furious’ films. The first, is a pretty good movie. Then there’s a second that’s just plain stupid (could have killed the franchise) but, in my opinion, still strangely entertaining. Then they have a movie that revives the series (‘MI: III’,’Fast & Furious 4′). And then one that blows the audience out of the water and makes them think “Holy crap, this is the best thing ever”!

‘Fast Five’ and ‘Mission: Impossible- Ghost Protocol’ were released in the same year, and both took their franchises to new heights. We’re now at a point where the ‘Fast’ movies are expected to be so awesome, and should go above and beyond their previous film by upping the ante or by simply changing up the genre a bit.

Now we can add ‘Rogue Nation’ to a list of examples where; just because a franchise hits a low point, doesn’t mean it can’t be brought back up to awesomeness without completely rebooting.

‘Mission: Impossible- Rogue Nation’ is the best in the entire M:I series. I didn’t think it could get much better with the 4th, but Tom Cruise loves to 1-up himself every time.

What keeps this series fresh is that they pull in a new director for each movie, leaving kind of a stand-alone feel to all of them. I thought that the trailers for ‘Rogue Nation’ felt in line with the style of the 4th movie, however, when watching this one, you can see that this director, Christopher McQuarrie, is the best action director this series has seen so far.

The action in this is filmed so incredibly well. I noticed very few jump shots during fist fights, so obviously that end of combat was taken very seriously. And you can feel it too, because you actually have a large sense of suspense, especially during a knife fight towards the end.

I could talk all day about how every action scene in this was terrific. The opera scene, the final climax, the plane sequence that’s already made famous by the marketing. They’re all so good, and hold your attention masterfully.

Those were just 3 scenes that stand out, and those aren’t even my 2 favorite scenes. If/when you see this, you’ll know that I speak of the underwater sequence, and the best damn motorcycle chase I’ve ever seen. This motorcycle chase feels like an actual ride because of how brilliantly it was filmed. But lastly, what I should really point out is that this film’s action never feels tired. Each sequence runs the perfect length, and each action sequence stands so well on its own, that you don’t get bored of it by the time the movie ends.

So many movies (even my favorites), suffer from having the same similar action scenes repeated over and over again. ‘Rogue Nation’ makes every single one of them count. Also keep in mind that Cruise does all of his stunts. Him on the side of a plane mid-air is real. Him holding his breath for multiple minutes is real. This adds true realism when watching all of these scenes.

Now enough about the action. It’s great, but there are other things in play that make it all work. The characters are great as usual, but even when compared to the films that came before this, the development and play-off between them is at its finest. They all have something to do! I think what greatly helps, is that many of the supporting characters have now appeared more than once. It gives them more chemistry; something that was a huge issue with the other films, as far as continuity goes.

Tom Cruise is amazing of course, and Simon Pegg is given so much to do, not only with his humor, but there were some great moments of real emotion with him in this. One of the coolest characters was the leading female role played by Rebecca Ferguson, whose character really kept me guessing the whole movie. She also gives Scarlett Johansson a run for her money as being the next big female action star.

My one actual criticism of this movie was that I liked the music of ‘M:I III’ and ‘M:I- Ghost Protocol’ a lot more. The music in this was good, but Michael Giacchino always stands out to me. Nonetheless, this is a minor nitpick since I still really liked the music.

The plot could get a bit confusing at times if your attention span draws itself away for a moment. This happened multiple times, but I would always be brought back up to speed as the film continued. To be honest, this is something  that has occurred with every film in the series. Plus, it’s a spy movie, so obviously there’s always going to be some espionage-jargon that will fly over our average brains.

This might be my favorite movie of the summer, and is definitely my favorite of the M:I series. I honestly can’t wait to see what they do next! ‘Mission: Impossible- Rogue Nation’ gets an A.

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