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‘Terminator Genisys’ Review

‘The Terminator’ and ‘Terminator 2: Judgment Day’ are absolute masterpieces. Then for some reason, a third and fourth were made. These sequels were pretty lame, and now we have a fifth movie to add to the Terminator saga.

I would really like to judge this movie on its own, and not compare it to the previous movies, but that seems to be very difficult.

‘Terminator Genisys’, in its own right is an entertaining mess. The action is good, I liked the characters, and the look of the movie is really cool. But oh my god, the plot. This is where one needs to compare to the others.

The time travel in the original James Cameron films were confusing, but they made sense because of how straight forward they were. In ‘Genisys’, it starts out in a timeline where Judgment Day did in fact happen, so just from the get-go my brain started to hurt because in the previous movies, Judgment Day was stopped…or postponed…or something. Now we’re in a timeline that resembles the events of the original movie in that 1997 was always when the world ended. Whatever. Then John Connor becomes a Terminator and the rest of the time travel within the movie was like “okay I guess I’ll just go with it”.
*These aren’t spoilers believe it or not.*

It makes my head hurt thinking about it all. BUT!

I liked this movie. Is it even close to T1 and T2? No way José. However it’s far superior to T3 and T4. This feels like a more proper follow up to the first two.

One of the positives I mentioned was the characters. Jai Courtney playing Kyle Reese was not the best casting in the world. They could have gotten anyone else really, but he did fine I guess. I really liked Emilia Clarke as Sarah Connor, and I thought she was a convincing bad-ass just as her character was portrayed in T2 by Linda Hamilton. And of course, Arnold is The Terminator, and he’s always going to be awesome.

There’s really not much else to say about this movie. It’s more popcorn entertainment than it is something with a deep emotional story like T1 and T2, but I guess that’s where this franchise is at the moment. I’ve seen what other critics have said of this movie and I think a lot of it has been unfair. It doesn’t deserve to be praised, but it definitely deserves to not be totally panned. I actually hold out hope for this to make enough money for a sequel because I actually like the direction they are going to take.

All I’ve ever really wanted is for the Terminator story to end. Many think that it ended with T2, and while I agree, my OCD wants a rounded out trilogy at the very least. So if they don’t get around to making a sequel, I guess in the future I can turn this movie off just before that post-credit scene, and just tell myself that Skynet has been destroyed in 2 timelines and YAY, happy ending!

One last thing to point out, this movie basically ignores T3 and T4, so do yourselves a favor and pretend they don’t exist because it might make the confusing time-travel elements in this a little easier to understand.

‘Terminator Genisys’ gets a C+. It’s the best sequel we’ve had since T2, but that’s not saying too much.

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