‘The Goonies’ – Review of an 80’s Cult Classic

I feel weird for saying this, but up until recently, I had never seen ‘The Goonies’ from beginning to end in my entire life. It was always one of those movies that I’d catch bits and pieces of on TV, and just never really saw the entire thing.

The film, directed by Richard Donner (Superman, Lethal Weapon series), is one that is referenced all the time. A few years back, J.J. Abrams directed a movie that was a bit of a love-letter to films of the 80’s that were either directed or produced by Steven Speilberg. This film was called ‘Super 8’ and was kind of a mash up of ‘E.T.’, ‘Close Encounters’ and ‘The Goonies’. Many of the child actors from ‘The Goonies’ (Sean Astin and Josh Brolin) went on to become very famous people. Lastly, most of us know the “HEY YOU GUYS” line, shouted by the character Sloth.

I love ‘E.T.’,  I actually really appreciated ‘Super 8’, and I absolutely love Sean Astin, Josh Brolin, and Short Round from ‘Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom’. So WHY did it take me so long to watch this movie properly?

Life I guess. Plus, I never realized what ‘The Goonies’ actually was. I just figured it was a very “by-the-books” treasure hunt adventure-type movie that was focused on kids. As a big Indiana Jones fan, I just felt like that’s something I’ve seen enough times. I don’t know…

But now I’ve finally seen this. And oh my god, I don’t even know what to say. It’s so insanely ridiculous and weird, words can’t even describe how I feel about this movie.

This is 80’s cheese at its finest. I was laughing so hard at certain scenes (most relating to Sloth), that I didn’t even know why it was so funny. It feels like back in the 1980’s, movies were able to get away with so much more than they are able to now.

Think about it. For those of you that have seen ‘The Goonies’, you will know that many of the things featured in this, would anger people now. Would Sloth really work today? No. People would get upset and think that the movie was making fun of the mentally challenged or something. WHAT IS SLOTH?! Seriously. I felt guilty for laughing at him but I straight up could not help it.

These are the reasons why I love this movie. It’s so far -fetched and ridiculous, but it’s self-aware about it. This is one of the reasons why I love ‘Rocky IV’ so much. What is happening with that movie? It’s so weird, yet, it’s just so amazing. It’s the same case with ‘The Goonies’.

The main reason I wanted to write a review for this movie was because there just aren’t movies like this anymore. If there are, they don’t work in the same way. Never in history has there been a fine line between taking a story seriously, and having that nice amount of cheese, than in the 80’s. Action movies are able to do this to a degree in today’s movies. But where do you see it in adventure comedies like this? Many try to be so stupid, that they remain stupid. ‘The Goonies’ tries to be serious, but also tries to be ridiculous at the same time. What comes out, is a family movie that ends up being enjoyable for everybody, with so much weird sh*t happening that it gains cult status.

It’s very difficult to analyze what makes ‘The Goonies’ so amazing. My best advice is for everyone to just watch it. It’s so weird, yet so terrific. For this, I can’t even say a single bad thing about it. I guess the banter with the kids was loud and annoying sometimes, but they’re kids. And honestly, when looking back on it, you realize that’s just what makes them Goonies.

There’s been talk of a sequel. Don’t make it. These types of movies don’t work today. If this is to be made, it has to have the exact same tone, and every single weird type of thing happening. 80’s movies are a genre of their own, that died with that decade. It might just be safer to leave this where it is because…it’s just so perfect.

Rating: A+

2 comments on “‘The Goonies’ – Review of an 80’s Cult Classic

  1. nice review!! I’ve yet to see this too, but it sounds amazing. on another note, thanks for the follow! looking forward to talking movies!

    Liked by 1 person

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