‘The Prestige’ Review


So I watched ‘The Prestige’ again recently. I’m so happy I did, because for some reason, I forget many important details returning to it, and I pick up on so much more. Even though I’ve seen it maybe five times, I can’t help but feel like I’m watching it only for the second time… if that makes any sense. It’s definitely a film that gets better with each viewing, and that to me is a great accomplishment.

I think that the most interesting aspect of this movie is that there is not really a clear protagonist and antagonist. Both characters are just trying to better themselves as magicians, however I do feel that Hugh Jackman’s character got so caught up with his obsession, that it was slowly turning him into a man of total immorality. After watching this with my girlfriend, her and I argued who the “more evil” person was of the two(?) leads. It was a fun debate, and we still didn’t end up at solid conclusion whatsoever.

It’s great to see such depth in character development and I feel strongly that both Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale gave excellent performances, alongside the rest of the supporting cast.


The tagline that is said more than once within the film, is Bale’s character asking “Are you watching closely”? This totally goes with what the story is trying to accomplish. There are so many details in this film- where if you blink, you just might miss something.

With that said, I must reiterate that this is definitely a film you should watch more than once. This is something I find myself saying about a lot of the movies Christopher Nolan directs. It tells the story of a great magic trick, but what’s interesting to me is that the film itself feels like one giant magic trick. There’s a great story to be told here with several twists that are supported by a great cast, great direction, and great pacing.

Because of how complex ‘The Prestige’ is, it’s hard for me to go any more in-depth than this. To me, this is a perfect film. I have found that each time I view it, I’m more and more fascinated by it. Then I sit down and think about it for a long period of time and really analyze it. It’s a film that really makes you think. Just check this one out if you haven’t. And if you have…watch it again! It’s one of my personal favorites that I believe deserves more recognition.

Rating: A+

17 comments on “‘The Prestige’ Review

  1. Such an awesome film, close to a 10/10- in my top 50 for sure

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    • So good…So good! {Jimmy Fallon voice}

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      • haha
        do you think interstellar is worth a rewatch? without talking spoilers, that was a disappointing film to me, act 1 was ok, act 2 was great and act3 was terrible

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      • Actually, both Interstellar and Inception were the movies I had in mind while typing that sentence.
        I must say first, that I was not disappointed at all with Interstellar, even after one viewing. But I have seen it 2 or 3 times and believe that it holds up.
        With all of that said, I have heard from numerous people, from YouTube critics, bloggers, and even personal friends that have said it’s much better on a repeat viewing. Mostly because the first time you see it you think that the movie is trying to be smarter than it really is, and a lot of the astrophysics stuff flies over a lot of heads. At the end of the day it’s still a science *fiction* film, and looking at it from an angle where you know what to expect actually benefits the movie. Especially in your case if you believe the 3rd act almost felt like a cop out or something.
        I was actually the exact opposite with Inception, thinking that it was just an alright movie when I saw it in theaters. 5 years later, I watch that movie annually as it’s become one of my favorite standalone movies of all time with repeat viewings.
        It’s tough with Interstellar because I think the reason you (and many others) enjoyed the first two acts and hated the third is because the first 2 acts are surrounded by real life facts with the fictional stuff hidden in the dark, waiting to be revealed at the end. So for 2 hours, your brain is actually telling you that everything you’re seeing is real, and then when the more fantastical 3rd act happens you’re thinking “what the hell is this”? It seems out of place, but when you rewatch it, you see those little hints throughout the 1st 2 acts a lot more so that you’re constantly reminded that you’re still in a fictional world, despite all of the “real” science being presented. I hope that makes sense, that’s the best I feel I can explain that. haha
        I would definitely give Interstellar another shot, and maybe just view it at a different angle and remember that it’s still fictional.

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      • Great reply! I feel exactly the same about Inception, not often any more do you get an amazing stand alone film. It’s probably a top 10 for me.
        Yeah I suppose you’re right, I’ll have to give it a few years before I can rewatch it though. It was well acted and the soundtrack was biblically beautiful.
        Hmm…I think it’s time I rewatched Memento 😀

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      • It’s been like 4 or 5 years since I’ve watched Memento, which is a weird thing for me. I should probably get it into my possession. It’s the only Nolan movie I don’t have on blu-ray.

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      • Is it weird I still buy things on dvd lol blu rays purchases I save for the visually appealing films and my faves of all time such as matrix etc.
        Cant wait to get mad max on blu ray!

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      • No I totally understand with that. If it’s just like a drama without any type of crazy visual style, I’m totally fine with a DVD. Most franchise movies I get on Blu-ray.
        I do however have an extreme case of OCD when it comes to my collection though. So if I own The Dark Knight trilogy, Inception, and Interstellar on blu-ray…the rest of Nolan’s movies are going to be on the same format so they look better on my shelf. I’m absolutely crazy when it comes to this crap you have no idea.
        I just recently re-purchased an ass load of movies from dvd to blu-ray just because of this OCD thing. For example, it bothered me that I had some dvd’s of Harry Potter and others on blu-ray…so I bought the others on blu-ray and ditched the dvds. haha first world problems, i know. It’s horrible.

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      • Aren’t you afraid of everything going digital and your collection becoming obsolete? It’s a common thing with technology sure, but it’s something we have to face

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      • As long as I have a device that will actually play my disc, I don’t see the physical disc becoming totally obsolete. I actually hate digital and refuse to transfer over to it, aside from rentals or a video game that I know I’ll only play through once.
        Even with 4K players becoming a thing, I think we’ll always be able to play our DVDs, Blu-rays, and 4K Ultras on a single platform for the foreseeable future. I think it would be better for the gaming and film market to continue having an option of digital and physical. It’d be extremely unwise for them to just say “digital is the only option now”, when they can make money on both and the consumer has options. There’s still a large demand for both, and as long as there is, I’m sure it’ll stick around.
        So I guess my message for anyone that doesn’t want physical media to die…just keep buying those physical copies!

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      • File sized for games and films are getting real big, it’s convenient to have the whole game already instead of waiting for a 50gb downland

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      • That’s for sure. And another thing I like about still being able to have a disc for gaming is so I can sell it if it’s something I didn’t like, or just beat and don’t intend to play again. This is something I wish I considered before downloading Batman Arkham Knight. Great game, but I beat it, and now it’s just chillin on my hard drive serving no purpose, and I’m total ineligible for any type of trade.
        Going totally digital also gets rid of the ability to just loan a movie or game out to someone too. Even just within a household. Or if my friend says to me “Hey I’ve never seen The Prestige”, I’d just let him borrow my copy.
        There’s also something scary to me about EVERYTHING you own media-wise being on 1 storage unit. If I had 20 games and 100 movies on a 4TB external hardrive, and it breaks down or I lose it…might as well steal my car and burn my house down too. If I lose 1 blu-ray that I paid 8 bucks for, who the hell cares.

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      • do I really own all those steam games lol if valve dies so does my right to those games.
        A very real problem for me right now with the vita, memory cards are expensive so i swap downloaded games all the time, now it’s a legacy system…

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  2. Great review of one of my favorite films from my favorite director. This film is the rare case of the film being an improvement on the book. I remember reading Chris Priest’s novel and thinking there was such a good story here but it didn’t come quite together. Nolan focused it and played a magic trick on the audience from the very opening. The scene with Jackman and Serkis at Tesla’s when all the lights go on is one of my favorite shots in cinema. Gorgeous stuff. Keep up the good work!

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  3. I remember enjoying this one when it was released, but I haven’t re-watched it since. You’ve convinced me that I should.

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