‘Deadpool’ Review

Now I kind of figured that this movie would be pretty good, and funny based off the fact that it had the most genius marketing campaigns in history. But what I didn’t figure, was that this would end up being one of the best theater experiences I’ve had in years. Not since the 1st Avengers (2012) have I had a smile on my face throughout the entirety of a movie, that also stayed there 2 days after leaving the theater.

Everything about ‘Deadpool’ was perfect. A character who was once ruined in the 2009 ‘X-Men: Origins: Wolverine’, was executed without a single flaw this time around. This film does not miss a single beat. Where there is action, it’s done very well. Where there should be drama, it’s surprisingly well executed. The love story should be brought up here, because quite honestly, the love aspects of superhero movies are usually a big factor in bringing them down in quality. They always feel forced and clichéd. This doesn’t at all, and the relationship with Wade Wilson and Vanessa was so intriguing because of how twisted they were.

The greatest thing about Deadpool that had to work, and did 100%, was the comedy. It never stops. There’s never a scene where there isn’t something to at least make you chuckle. It’s like a stand-up act, with action, story, and characters built around it. That’s the best way I can describe it. And it’s not just the plain simple jokes that make Deadpool work. It’s the self-referential 4th wall breaking dialogue that not only gives you a good laugh, but cancels out anything that could be defined as a plot hole. Because of Deadpool breaking the 4th wall, this movie has little-to-no plot holes. Not many films can get away with that.

{Minor spoilers in this next paragraph. I might ruin like 1 joke out of 206}

My favorite scenes with the 4th wall breaking were any parts related to the X-men. First off, I was actually surprised how connected this was to the rest of the X-men series. It was fun to see the X-Mansion, and having Colossus FINALLY be portrayed the way he should, with the Russian accent and everything. This was one of the few times the X-men movies (as much as I love them) reminded me of the 90’s X-men Animated Series. He was an awesome character. But back to my point; the best 4th wall break was when Deadpool goes to the X-Mansion. Being that dozens upon dozens of mutants live in this place, I was actually expecting Storm, Jean, Cyclops, Beast, Wolverine, Ice Man, Kitty, or literally ANY X-MEMBER to open the the door for a cameo. Instead, it was Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Colossus. Right after, Deadpool makes a joke about how funny it was that they opened the door, and not one of the other X-men, because maybe the studio couldn’t afford another one. Great laugh, and something that many would consider a plot hole, or missed opportunity–fixed. This type of thing happens all over the place, and given that the continuity in X-men movies is known for not always being consistent, these moments are genius, and even retroactively make previous X-entries better. Maybe not that first Wolverine movie though. That still sucks. But there’s a nice nod to that as well.

I could go on all day on why ‘Deadpool’ is awesome. But, to avoid more spoilers, and to keep things short, I’ll go over one last thing. The narrative structure.

This, alongside the R-rated action and comedy, is what makes it all truly work. We don’t open the movie with Wade Wilson as a normal guy, who then gradually becomes Deadpool, and then all the action takes place in the 3rd act. That would have been so boring for this. Instead, we cut right to the action, and then Deadpool tells us his origin story through a series of flashbacks. If this was done in a more traditional way, people would not be loving this movie the way they are. This was a key element to what made ‘Deadpool’ work so well.

Alright. That’s all I have. Seriously, just go see it. Don’t take little children. Avoid seeing this with anyone who might be easily offended by a lot of raunchy/perverted/violent stuff. If that person is your date, find a more compatible date. If that person is you, get the stick out of your ass.  Stay after the credits.

Honestly (putting Star Wars aside since that’s a totally different category for me), this is the most entertaining movie I’ve seen since 2012. I loved it, and I don’t think it could have been much better.

Rating: A+, 10/10.


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12 comments on “‘Deadpool’ Review

  1. Awesome review. I was a fan of the non-linear storyline, even though the last bit was a bit run-of-the-mill hero versus villain. I thought the only flaw was Gina Carano… She’s kick-ass, but can’t act.

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  2. I agree wholeheartedly. I expected this film to be good given the trailers, Ryan Reynolds dedication to the character, the test footage, and how everyone behind the scenes (specifically writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick and rookie director Tim Miller) made this their labor of love…

    … but I did not expect it to hit this kind of homerun. I agree Deadpool’s flashback format helped it avoid sinking into formulaic origin-story structure, but I’d also add that it’s adherence to visual humor was what sealed the deal. I feel like most film “comedies” degenerate into lightly edited improv, where almost all their humor comes from dialogue, as opposed to Deadpool’s style where it used actual filmmaking techniques like montage (the holiday sex scenes), flashbacks (4th wall-breaks within 4th-wall breaks), and freeze-frame/long takes (the opening credits) to produce jokes.

    Creativity, I love it!

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  3. Great review here. Loved the bit about only two X-men in an empty mansion. Was just thinking about that before Pool acknowledged it.

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  4. What I loved so much is that every plot hole in the film almost was either mocked or directly addressed (such as continually mocking how bland Ajax was by calling him Francis….or spelling it with bodies). I cannot believe how much Ioved this film. Great review!

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    • Thanks! I know, I really need to see it again. I honestly think there’s jokes I might have missed because I was laughing so hard. I’ve also forgotten some. I really hope that it’s one of those comedies I can watch once a year and laugh just as hard as the first time I saw it. Those are rare to come by these days.

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      • They’re almost impossible to find. Comedy as a genre is at its lowest point in my lifetime. Deadpool, just taken as a comedy, will be hard to top this year. Whenever I need a laugh I just envision the conversation between Deadpool and Ajax’s henchman that he knew from Jacksonville, right before he knocks him out and adds him to his FRANCIS body sculpture lolol.

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      • I loved that part!
        And I agree wholeheartedly. I think the last great comedy year was 2008. Step Brothers, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and Pineapple Express are all comedies I can watch over and over. Even the year before that with Superbad and Walk Hard. Two amazing comedies. I haven’t had that type of comedy since then really. Ted was great, but I don’t laugh at it as much with repeat viewings. Same can be said for This is the End. But even just as a whole, comedies lately feel really sucky. I haven’t seen Vacation yet, but I hear it’s a huge missed opportunity. And anything else original has basically flopped. Will Ferrell used to be my favorite. None of his more recent stuff has interested me. I think the last WF movie I loved was The Other Guys. Though I am one of the few who actually did enjoy Anchorman 2 also. But still. It’s a pretty rough genre right now. It seems like we get maybe one or two decent ones a year out of the huge pile released.

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      • Trainwreck was probably the best straight-up comedy I saw last year and it was hugely uneven, though still worth it to see LeBron James as Bill Hader’s needy BFF.

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      • That’s just a problem with Apatow’s movies. They’re dramedies, which is fine… but I sometimes wish his directorial stuff was more like the things he produces I guess.


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