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‘The Intern’ Review


This isn’t going to be very in-depth, as this is about as simple as these types of movies get.

‘The Intern’ is a great feel-good movie. It’s executed well enough to where the simple, basic plot and characters are very intriguing. It’ll make you laugh, and it’ll make you feel very involved with all that’s going on.

Robert De Niro is awesome, and is an extremely likable character. In almost every movie I’ve ever seen with him, he’s ALWAYS intimidating. This was probably the first time I didn’t feel like I should have been intimidated by Robert De Niro. He’s just a warm, fuzzy, cute old man who wants something to do now that he’s retired and widowed. It’s just a character you’re made to love, and he’s easily the best part of this movie.

Anne Hathaway starts out as being someone you think will be very unlikable, but the movie does a great job of getting to know her and understanding why she is the way she is. The chemistry between her and De Niro is fantastic. Everything between them is extremely entertaining to watch, and it never lost my interest.

There was but one thing in this movie that brought this down an entire letter grade for me.

{The next 2 paragraphs feature a spoiled plot point, if you really care.}

A certain plot element came along towards the third act that just did not need to happen. It was as if the writers thought that the movie wasn’t complex or intriguing enough, so they incorporated a very dumb “cheating” plot that was not only unnecessary, but extremely forced. On top of that, it was resolved far too simply, and felt like it was almost condoning infidelity. I understood what the movie was trying to do, but the problem was that the husband character was hardly a supporting character to begin with. We don’t get to know him, and don’t know anything about how their marriage worked in the first place. Apparently I was supposed to understand that Anne Hathaway has a good reason for being able to forgive her husband over this.

However the movie was better at making it seem like he was a one-dimensional dude who made a dumb mistake and shouldn’t be forgiven. I saw this plot point coming early on, and was really hoping that this particular movie was smart enough to not go in this direction. Unfortunately it did. It just didn’t sit right, and it kind of had no real link to De Niro’s half of the plot either. So we build these two characters up (De Niro and Hathaway), and create this really fun and enjoyable movie about old and new- working together for mutual benefit. Then this cheating thing happens, and it’s almost like they shift the focus to just the husband and wife dilemma. If this was what we were supposed to care about, then the movie should have been about just the husband and wife, leaving De Niro out of it.


So it’s a really good movie, that kind of falls apart in its third act. Not unheard of. I still felt invested during the third act, but I also realized by the end of it that- whatever I just saw in the final 20-30 minutes was a huge loss of focus.

Nonetheless, this is still all very entertaining. The back and forth between the two leads alone makes this worth seeing, despite any other flaws one might have.

Guys: this is a great pick to watch with your girlfriend. It’s not some super cliché chick-flick by any means. There’s stuff in here for you to enjoy, but it does retain the light/fluffy tone that girls seem to love with their movies. If you are like me, and force your girlfriend to watch a lot of action movies; return the favor once and awhile. This is a solid recommendation for this.

Rating: B

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