‘Man of Steel’ Review


I’m going to keep this brief since ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ is now out, I’ll want to get around to reviewing that as soon as I can.

The reviews for BvS have been…pretty rough to say the least.

But it all got me thinking. When ‘Man of Steel’ came out, the reviews were far worse than I expected as well. It currently sits at a 56% on Rotten Tomatoes, and was in that range when I saw it in theaters too. Not that these scores should ever matter in the long run, but that number is a pretty safe indication that one will either really like it, or really hate it.

Now let me just say that I love this movie. Does it have some problems? Sure. It’s not the best story-telling in the world. Everything seems to fall into place very conveniently, especially in regards to Kal-El mastering his powers and learning who he is right at the moment the Phantom Zone villains find their way to Earth. There’s reason behind it all, but it’s just convenient reasoning. There’s also some poor lines of dialogue that remind me of the Star Wars prequels, and I can understand why the average movie-goer would get bored with the endless, hour-long action sequence that takes place at the end.

For me, I enjoyed the final third act of the movie being all action. We never really got to see Superman punch, throw, laser, etc.. in the other movies. So it was honestly kind of nice. Is the over-all endless destruction ridiculous? Yeah. But it doesn’t ruin the movie for me.

The rest of the movie (to me) is fantastic. The music is awesome, and goes very well with the heaviness that the film carries. The action is absolutely insane, and visually stunning. The performances are pretty decent, though nothing super special, given the script that they had. But great casting all around! I absolutely LOVE Henry Cavill as Superman. He brings that warmth that Christopher Reeve had, and was able to give the character a nice hard edge when it was needed.

That’s basically all I have to say on ‘Man of Steel’. I think it’s a great movie that doesn’t deserve a lot of the flack it gets, but I guess I can understand if this type of movie just doesn’t appeal to you.


Rating: A-


4 comments on “‘Man of Steel’ Review

  1. Been a minute since I watched this, and like BvS, I found it to be average. Not as bad as everyone says, nor an amazing comic book movie. Nice review.

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  2. First off…good review. Second, I actually liked this movie. I know a lot of people didn’t like it for many reasons (especially the whole ending battle), but I thought that Man of Steel was a pretty good Superman story. Ten times better than Superman Returns.

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    • Thanks man! I thought it was a terrific re-telling of the origin story. I really liked that it was kind of a glorified remake of Superman I & II thrown together, with more action than any of the 5 previous films ever had.
      BvS, while muddled, still picked up many of the questions that were present in this movie. The whole “How would the world really react to a God living among them”? is a really interesting concept to explore.
      I agree with certain criticisms of this movie that others have. But some are just plain dumb.

      Someone else showed me this video a few weeks back. I think it’s a perfect defense for a lot of the things people tend to whine about.

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