‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ Review

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I have to address the elephant in the cage with this one.

It seems like the critics don’t seem to like ‘Dawn of Justice’. Why is this?

Well, let’s take a look. Could it be the tone? Yes and no. Marvel is known for having a very light-hearted tone, geared for people of all ages. Based on the fact that Marvel is owned by Disney (the kings and queens of family-oriented movies)- this all makes sense to me. Of course critics are going to give good ratings to a movie that they believe will appeal to such a large demographic. Despite the fact that I enjoy ‘Man of Steel’ and even ‘BvS’, I really believe that most kids under the age of 10 or 11 would feel different watching DC so far. An 8-year old is far more likely to watch ‘Ant-Man’ than this, because of the friendliness it carries. Women are also less likely to enjoy anything with endless explosions and fighting, which this particular movie has plenty of.

This is the definition of a dude movie. And not just any dude, but those between the age of 12-45.   To support this further, this is the reason why the ‘Transformers’ movies make tons of dough. The reviews STINK. But sometimes guys just want to go watch stuff explode for 2 hours, the same reason women love to watch cliche, unrealistic romance movies. Every once and awhile, we watch movies where quality is nearly irrelevant to the overall enjoyment of something. Guilty pleasure would be the correct word.

Now I’m not comparing this movie to Transformers. Despite whatever issues the movie has, it is still leagues better than any of those in my opinion. What I am saying is that some movies just fall under this weird category where critical views don’t matter so much. This can be because of age, gender, or just personal interest. The true success of this movie will be determined by the dollars it makes.

I also have this belief that many are expecting it to be like ‘The Dark Knight’, as far as quality. In all fairness, Batman is in the title. Our most recent experiences with that character were phenomenal. But this is a different Batman, with a different tone, in a different world. People have to understand that before seeing this, otherwise they most definitely will not enjoy it.

I think it’s a movie that you’ll either like or you won’t, all depending on who you are. It’s the type of movie critics will tell you to pass on, but movie fans of the property will likely enjoy and defend.


And so here are my thoughts on the movie itself.

I liked it. Quite a bit actually.

It suffered from the same issues that ‘Iron Man 2’ had with universe building. And it also suffered from the same problems the two “worst” Spider-Man movies have suffered from, with having too many plot points. There is so much set-up here for future movies that they actually forget to tell a good story for this particular movie. There are about eight different plots, that are so loosely strung together. The first hour or so was very rough for these reasons. And look, I get it. They’re trying to jump right to Justice League, and not give us a bunch of stand-alone movies for other heroes first.

But did we really need ALL of this stuff crammed into one movie? No.

With that said though, I feel as if everything was still executed in a decent manner. I never felt like it was too slow or uninteresting, I just felt that the first hour was just a weird collection of random-yet-entertaining scenes. Nothing was making me cringe or anything, it was just sloppy story-telling. If it lasted the whole movie, that’d be an issue. But something happened about mid-way through, and all of a sudden, I was on board with just about everything I was witnessing.

The second half of this movie is crazy. There’s still a lot going on at once, but it’s all what I paid to see. The fight between Batman and Superman was excellent, and the showdown with Doomsday and the Trinity blew my mind.

Maybe it’s the geek in me, but I cannot give this movie a poor rating when the first half was ‘meh’ and the second half was a blast. If it were the other way around, things would be different. I always think that if a movie can redeem itself for its finale, I can easily look past certain issues I had on the front end.

That’s exactly what this movie is for me. It has problems, but most of them I can look past, while so many other elements truly had my full attention. The positives outweigh the negatives.

Ben Affleck is absolutely, without a single doubt, the best Batman we have seen on screen. I loved him as both Bruce Wayne and Batman, and I am dying to see more! Some will walk out of this feeling weird about how brutal this Batman is, and how he isn’t abiding by a certain code that we all know of. This is a very different Batman who seems very mad at the world, and I’m guessing the death of a certain side-kick has something to do with it. But it’s his confrontation with Superman that brings back that humanity he once had, and so by the end of this movie, you actually see a big change in character for Bruce. His code seems as though it is redeemed just in time for the formation of the Justice League.


Gal Gadot is a fine addition to this universe. She doesn’t do too much here, but when Wonder Woman comes in to fight…it’s pretty damn cool. It kind of reminded me of how we were introduced to Black Widow in ‘Iron Man 2’. A very quiet and mysterious character, who turns out to be a total bad ass at the end. Now everyone loves Black Widow, after taking on larger roles in other films. I’m very hopeful for Wonder Woman’s standalone feature, as well as seeing her more in Justice League!

If you liked ‘Man of Steel’, you will like this. If not, then don’t bother. I don’t see this winning over anyone who had huge issues with that movie.

If you’re a film snob, then yes, you’ll probably hate this movie. If you’re just a normal, casual movie-goer… take a chance and check it out. It really just depends on whether or not you think this movie is catered towards you.

I’ve seen a lot of people automatically dismiss this movie, and choose not to see it because of the poor critical ratings. I may write a movie blog, but I do not consider myself a critic. I am just a person who watches a lot of movies, and I enjoy expressing my own personal thoughts through writing. I had fun with this being the casual-yet-frequent movie goer that I am.

So please, do exactly that. See it for yourself, and form your own opinion. I admit that this movie has its issues, but I didn’t think it was anything close to the trainwreck that sites like Rotten Tomatoes make it seem. Just look at the difference between the critic score and the audience score. That should tell you enough about the type of movie we’re actually dealing with here.

All these things aside, I think that this was a pretty enjoyable movie that did most of its job well, and I’m still very excited for all things to come in the DC universe.


Rating: B-


11 comments on “‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ Review

  1. I kind of agree with you. It didn’t think it was a “trainwreck” of a movie (like some people are making it out to be), but it wasn’t my favorite. Its just okay to me.

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    • Yeah like I definitely wish it was better than it was. But when you actually look at everything it was trying to do, it’s hard to say that it actually failed. On the other hand, this criticism is probably good because from here on out, DC will probably make most of these movies more focused.
      Right when they announced the title to this, I had a huge fear that it would feel like a jumbled mess. So in a way, I kind of expected it.

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  2. Screenrant makes a good argument that the tectonic divide between BvS lovers and haters isn’t quite as simple as “fans vs critics” (dawn of film analysis? … think about it! 😀 ). Check out this article: http://screenrant.com/batman-v-superman-reviews-fans-vs-critics/

    There has been much overlap between alleged “critics” and “fans” for some time now, and I think both studios and bloggers need to let go of this outdated stereotype of film criticism being snobbish or unnecessary. Maybe for critics like A.O. Scott, but not Chris Stuckmann (both official RT critics, btw)…

    For my part, I don’t care how bright and colorful and upbeat the Christopher Reeve-era Superman movies were, nor do I care if Batman brutally murders X-number of people. I don’t care. At all. People who can’t get over those controversies won’t stand for MoS or BvS, but for my part, there are plenty of places you can go enjoy a Batman or Superman archetype of your liking (i.e. without Zack Snyder’s creative input). Those critiques do not judge those films on their own merits. Therefore, these fanboy nitpicks are lazy film criticisms IMO.

    What are legitimate criticisms are the cornball lines, the confusing editing, and overly long running time. But again, I have a hard time swallowing accusations of “trainwreck-status” when we except similar problems in the lesser MCU films (e.g. Iron Man 2, 3, Thor 1&2, Age of Ultron), and don’t even get me started on the Fast and the Furious movies…

    In light of these other comparisons, I don’t get the hate for this movie. What the haters seem to overwhelmingly reject is the tone, and its characters’ contrast from previous incarnations. Those are not acceptable reasons to give this movie a bad review. What if I, for example, *don’t* like my blockbusters bright and colorful? What if I was once depressed and angry and violent, and I *prefer* seeing a mopey, unsure Superman and a violent, doesn’t-give-two-fucks Batman with Mommy issues? What, does my psychopathic opinion not count? #PsychoLivesMatter

    For my part, this movie was often cheesy and confusing, but never boring. And that’s the worst thing a movie can be, in my mind: Boring. BvS is many things, but boring it is not, which is more than I can say for Furious 7. Or Furious 6, or Fast 5, or FF 4…

    BvS held my attention for 2.5 hours, and I liked the characters. And it was dark, I guess. That’s good enough for me.

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    • I couldn’t agree more on what you said about people being angry about a character’s portrayal. I almost brought that up and forgot. Was Eisenberg the Lex that we wanted? No. BUT! He created a new version of Lex that I don’t think we’ve ever seen before, and I thought it was kind of cool. People will get mad that he’s “not in character”, or not bald… but that’s a stupid argument when they’re clearly aiming to go in a different direction than the other incarnations. I felt like I wanted to punch Lex in the face. That alone tells me that he was playing a good villain. I want to dislike my villains in that way.

      I did read that screen rant post last week. I agree with it somewhat, but it’s still obvious that for this movie in particular, there’s still a huge divide. Yes, Stuckmann is now on there, and that makes me happy because he is my favorite reviewer. He’s not snobby and just looks to have fun.
      But I think that there are still LOADS of snobby critics that have their reviews on that site. Reading some of those can be ridiculous. I really feel like some critics forget to ask the most import question when grading a movie, and that’s the exact question you brought up. “Were you bored”?
      There definitely is an overlap now, and I mostly agree with that. I’m just talking about the case for this movie having such a low score, I feel that those more traditional critics were NEVER going to like this anyways, and people should understand that, because they shouldn’t allow it to say to them “Hey, this movie sucks, don’t go see it”.
      But that’s a whole new issue for another time. I honestly dislike other people using RT for that reason because some people don’t understand how it works. They just look at the critic rating and move on. I like RT personally, because I know more on what to look into. Does the audience like it? What do these “rotten” reviews actually say? How many critics have actually submitted a review? 20 or 200? That makes a big difference.
      The average person doesn’t know to look at these important factors and I honestly think that’s a problem.
      I was talking to a buddy the other day and asked him “have you seen BvS” and he just simply responded “No, I heard it sucks anyways”. I also saw some reviews recently that were “rotten” but had a score of 3/5. Since when is that a poor rating? In my mind, a 3/5 is a movie that could have been better, but still good enough to sit through and recommend to another person. So why should that be “rotten”?
      This is wrong, and I think sometime soon I’ll be writing a rant or something haha

      Anyways, thanks for reading and giving your thoughts! I’m glad to see you also found some solid enjoyment out of this movie too. I’ll stop by and read everything else you’ve had to say on it when you have it up!

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  3. […] during the production of Dawn of Justice. That being said, I had a great time with the film. As I stated on another blog, the worst thing a movie can be is boring, and DoJ was as far from that as I can picture a film […]

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  4. I thought Jesse Eisenberg was the worst villain in a comic book movie since Schwarzenegger’s Mr. Freeze. This was just a mess. Islands of really good stuff surrounded by crap. It has to drive Ben Affleck crazy watching Zach Snyder direct these films, and I’m so glad he’s getting one of his own. I can imagine him just passively agressively putting his Argo Oscars everywhere Snyder looks.

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    • I definitely didn’t think he was THAT bad. I was okay with the new take. A couple of weird moments, like the jolly rancher. haha I think the biggest issue was that he just wasn’t that fleshed out. I didn’t feel like I understood him. I’m hoping that this might be another thing the director’s cut improves upon.


      • From what I understand the director’s cut adds more fight scenes, Barbara Gordon, and a few little things like that. I was hoping to see more connective tissue to tie together the moments I did like. I think the majority of people did go see this movie, but the went ONCE. A lot of people who didn’t go week one, just said eff it because of the reactions of the fans and by week three it could beat a really bad Melissa McCarthy comedy. WB is going to take a bath on this, but instead of learning from their lessons, they’re just pressing on right into Justice League. These are things I’ve always wanted to see happen onscreen and they’re just not good.

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      • I agree mostly, but they could still learn a lot from this and help make Justice League a more cohesive movie. Looking back on Watchmen, I think that movie was handled pretty well with all of its characters. So we know Snyder CAN do it. We’ll just have to wait and see. I’m betting Ben will have a lot of secret creative input on the whole process.


      • I’m betting Ben has been sedating himself to keep from grabbing the camera and whacking Snyder over the head with his Oscars lol. Saddfleck definitely has a lot of Xanax and he is USING it.

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      • I was honestly day dreaming earlier this morning how amazing his solo Batman movie is going to be. I want it now!


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