Liebster Q & A!

This gives me an excuse for a more laid back post. Here’s a bunch of questions asked by a couple of fellow movie bloggers!

I got nominated by Prime Six and PlainSimpleTomReviews. Check out their awesome blogs!

The Liebster is great for promoting smaller sites and networking.


Questions from Prime Six:

1 – Tell us about a film or game that has changed your life, what was it and why was it so impactful?

I think for starters, Star Wars is what sucked me into being a geek. Watching those movies as a kid really helped show me the magic of movies, and how they can just transport you to another world.

2 – What is your dream job?

If a site like Collider hired me to either write for them, or be on one of their shows- that would be pretty awesome. It’d also be nice if my band became famous but my drummer still hasn’t texted us back on whether or not he’s available to go do that.

3 – If you could live in a game or film world which would it be and why?

The problem with just about every movie world I can think of is that they’re all dangerous when you really think about it. The Harry Potter world might be cool, but I think after awhile it might get a little old. You have to consider that at its core, it wouldn’t be that much different than being Amish.

I hate to be repetitive and say Star Wars, but I would just love to be able to use the Force and wield a lightsaber.

4 – Tell us a film or game everyone hates but you like

There’s a lot of these so I’ll give a few.

First is ‘Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull’. I realize this movie is a bit more divisive rather than being a movie hated by the vast majority. I know quite well that the critical reviews were actually pretty good and that some people have come to realize it’s not so bad. But what does bother me is that there are people out there who hate on it to be cool, and then give the wrong reasons for disliking it in the process. The problem isn’t the aliens, or the fridge, or the prairie dogs people! There were always over the top moments in the previous movies, and the aliens still served as being a religious MacGuffin that honestly fit very well. In my opinion, there’s really just one glaring issue this movie has, and it’s one that no one ever seems to bring up. It’s the fact that in all the other movies Indy was a vulnerable hero. He’d try so hard to be one step ahead, but then whether he was being beat up, or having lost the artifact/clue to the enemy, he always would fall a step behind before triumphing. In the fourth movie, he seems to just always be on top of things for the most part. And they totally ignore his age! He’s running around like he’s 26 in this movie. Having him struggle more due to old age would have added tension.  But other than that, I thought it was actually pretty fun. Here’s to hoping they do fix that issue for the fifth movie!

Can’t forget about ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’!

I actually really enjoyed the most recent ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ movie and I’m really looking forward to the sequel. The look of the turtles still irk me, but the movie actually captured that cheesy-fun that I expected from a TMNT movie. The sequel looks like it will give even more focus to the turtles, and it’s got Bebop, Rocksteady, Casey Jones, Baxter Stockman, Shredder, and Krang. I know already that I’m going to love it no matter what everyone else will say.

Everyone HATES ‘Rocky V’. Stallone himself pretends it doesn’t exist too. I agree that it’s the worst of the bunch. But I don’t hate it. It’s fine, it has some good moments in my opinion. I like all of the Rocky movies, at least enough that I don’t try and erase one from my memory.

5 – Tell us a film or game everyone loves but you hate

Watching ‘The Revenant’ was about as fun as eating a plate of dirt. That’s definitely my most recent example. Yeah, yeah, I know it looked beautiful and it was extremely visceral. I don’t care. That’s not why I got to the movies.  I’m glad Leo got an Oscar for torturing himself on the set of that movie. I’m so impressed.

I’m sure there are others. But I’ll just leave it that.

6 – What are some of your favourite YouTube channels or Twitch streamers?

I absolutely love Collider’s video channel! Their daily movie talk show is great and I always put that on for background noise in my office while I’m working or watch during my lunch break. It’s really like an ESPN for movies.

If you’re a Star Wars fan and you’re not watching Collider’s weekly show Jedi Council, there is something wrong with you! That’s by far the best show Collider does. They explore everything dealing with Star Wars news, canon, speculation, etc. I also listen/watch Collider Heroes, which is the same idea as Jedi Council but for comic book movies.

7 – What should I do for my 100th post (2 posts away) and or my 1st year blogiversary (3ish weeks away)?

Write reviews for ‘Jaws The Revenge’ and for ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III’

8 – Recommend a song to listen to

“Hey Bulldog” by The Beatles

9 – Why do you blog, what do you want from it?

I honestly do this because it’s pretty relaxing. If I were in public, I’d always feel like I just talked about the subject too much. I admit that I’m obsessed with movies. I love other things too, but not enough to talk about for extended periods of time. Many people will just talk sports when they have nothing to talk about, and then talk at great length. I can’t do that. I’m not really into sports at all, I can’t get into it- I just don’t care.

I love music, but the only real way to express my love for it is to listen and play. I never feel like I have much to say in regards to it. But when I watch a movie, I can’t just watch it and be done. My mind races, and I feel like I have to speak. But if I speak too much people might think it’s all I care about if it’s all I’m talking about. And since I know not everyone is as obsessed, I try and tone it down a bit 😛

With this blog, I can just get it all out of my system! I’ll still talk movies/tv with people in person-but now there’s a little more of a limit with it.

10 – Why do we fall Master Wayne? (So we can learn to pick ourselves up!)

Wait. How do you know my middle name?

11 – Pitch your perfect game or film: if you had full creative control and a near limitless budget what would you make?

I’ve wanted to see a Halo movie done for years. I think the problem is that it’s tough to make people care about a protagonist that never shows his face, and Master Chief is that type of leading character. You also run the risk of showing too much character with one that is already popular because of mystery.

And to be fair, it really has never worked. Dredd did it well, but made very little money.

Another example is Cyclops. He’s more or less the front man in the X-men comics, but in the movies he’s been sidelined and I think it has more to do with not being able to show his eyes than anything else. All other heroes that wear masks have their alter-egos where they show their full face. It sounds ridiculous, but it’s kind of true. And as a side note, I hope that the future X-men movies find great ways to develop Cyclops because there really should be no excuse.

But I think one could make Master Chief work really well if they just approach his character in a western style, and then give the supporting characters more dimension. It’s a very rich universe and would be loaded with awesome action and a great story.

Questions from PlainSimpleTomsReviews:

  1. Your favourite movie trilogy? 

    I’ve always said Star Wars, but being that there are so many movies now, I can’t really have that as my answer anymore. So many other “trilogies” are developing new movies too, like Bourne, Toy Story, etc..My real definitive answer would have to be Lord of the Rings.

  2. How often do you go to the cinema? Who do you go with?

    It depends on the time of year. The movies always worth seeing in the theater are the big blockbusters. I just don’t get the same feeling watching movies like that for the first time in my living room or even at a drive-in. So basically any big movie that I’m really looking forward to seeing, I’m there opening weekend. I almost schedule whatever other plans I have around seeing that particular movie at some point during the weekend. On average, I’d say maybe 12-16 times a year, give or take.
  3. Which TV series should be adapted into a film?

    Adapted? Probably none. TV has the benefit of expanding on story and character to larger lengths than film does. So when something presents itself as a show first, it’s hard for me to imagine it being more condensed.I would however love to see certain television shows continued with movies. I’d love to see shows like The Office, Arrested Development, 24, and Community have the chance to continue with movies, whether they’re actually released in theaters or become straight to Netflix type of stuff. But if Netflix is the case, then just keep it as a show and make 13 episodes or whatever.
  4. Do you use Netflix? What do you like watching on it?

    Sure do! I’ve loved being able to see Breaking Bad and How I Met Your Mother from start to finish, rewatch Lost and The Office countless times, and watch their own fantastic shows like Daredevil and Jessica Jones.The movies they have available to stream suck though. A few months ago I got their DVD by Mail option again and what a fantastic decision that was. I just get the 2 movies a month with the Blu-Ray add on. I started with unlimited but then you never really know if you’ll watch a movie right away or if it ends up sitting there for two weeks. So two a month is plenty, especially since I have other streaming services too. It’s like 6 bucks and is totally worth it because I get to see movies I actually want to see and not limit myself to the mediocre (at best) streaming movies.I also use Amazon Prime and Hulu Plus.

  5. Which film have you seen the most times? Is there one you watch every year? 

    I’ve seen every Star Wars movie countless times. Well not Force Awakens… but give me time. Most movies I own (especially franchise films) I watch either annually or biannually. My collection is large enough now that many movies feel pretty fresh when I get around to watching them again, no matter how many times I’ve seen them. I tend to just cycle through my favorites. Some are necessary once a year: Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Harry Potter. Others I just watch maybe every two or three years.

  6. What do you think is the most overrated film ever?

    I actually want to say Pulp Fiction. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fantastic. But seeing it for the first time now definitely is not the same as seeing it back then. It changed how we look at narrative structure, but I don’t continue to think it still remains Tarantino’s best work like a lot of people do. I think he’s improved since then (as he should). Still a great movie, but in retrospect, Tarantino has done better in my personal opinion.Going off of that, I think Jackie Brown is highly UNDERrated.
  7. Favourite Christmas film?

    Die Hard.
  8. Which film has the best music/soundtrack?

    Score- Pretty much any movie John Williams did the music for. Way too hard to pick.

    Soundtrack- Oh man. Guardians of the Galaxy, Superbad, Breakfast Club
    But Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story takes the cake because all of those songs are written/covered specifically for the movie’s story, and for some reason… they are insanely good.

  9. Which film has provoked the biggest emotional reaction from you?

    The Avengers. I’ve never experienced that much joy in a theater when the team assembled.
  10. Which 5 actors/actresses would you have at a dinner party?

    Paul Rudd, Jason Segal, Jimmy Fallon, Bill Hader, Adam Driver
  11. Benedict Cumberbatch or Tom Hiddleston?


Thank you so much for the questions. These were great and I honestly had a blast answering these!

Edit: Forgot to nominate others! I nominate Jason’s Movie Blog and Express Elevator to Hell!

Your questions are:

  1. What is the most over-rated movie in your opinion?
  2. Most under-rated?
  3. Do you believe in the theory of comic book movie fatigue, or do you think studios are doing a good job of differentiating things (i.e. Ant-Man being a heist film, while Winter Soldier is a spy thriller) and that these movies will continue to be successful?
  4. What’s your favorite cinema-going memory?
  5. First movie you remember seeing in theaters?
  6. What should be the next “shared-universe”?
  7. What’s a terrible movie that you love to watch, even though you know it’s awful on every account?
  8. What type of things irritate you the most when you’re in a theater? (Loud eating, texting, talking, etc)
  9. Kill one genre forever. Which one would it be?
  10. Think of a great moment in your life that would make for a good story to be told on film. What’s it about, and who directs/stars/writes this movie?
  11. What’s an over-used line of dialogue or some other troupe that you wish would cease to exist forever?


21 comments on “Liebster Q & A!

  1. Congratulations, you deserve this award. Loved reading your answers to the questions.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Very excellent Liebstering

    Liked by 2 people

  3. 1) agreed
    2) awesome 🙂
    3) Our world is dangerous too. I’ll see you in Mos Eisley
    4) Ford’s age really shows, they’re doing indy 5 now aswell..
    5) fair enough, haven’t seen it yet
    6) *goes to check out colliders star wars vids*
    7) Oh gosh, I haven’t seen those, and for good reason! which is probably why you want me to see them haha
    8) hadn’t heard of that one, it’s good though!
    9) well said, I agree
    10 😉
    11) I think that’s a great choice. I reckon Cheif is relatable because it could be anyone under the helmet – you are master chief. There has been some great body language performances in the past and with a voice I think it’s enough, as long as it’s well written. Cyclops I think is just a poorly written character on screen, agreed he needs better representation

    The number of Star Wars references on this page rivals my own liebster page haha
    I can’t say I enjoyed Jackie Brown much. Love all your answers! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Revisit Jackie Brown if you haven’t! Idk, there’s somethin about the style of it, and maybe the fact that it doesn’t get mentioned as much might factor into me liking it so much. Thanks so much for reading back on this! You had very good questions! 🙂

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  4. Awesome answers to some awesome questions!!!

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  5. Very insightful comment about Crystal Skull’s main mistake – of course, Indy’s foibles and vulnerability was what made him such a hero in the first three films! Never noticed before how Crystal Skull forgot this…

    Liked by 1 person

  6. enjoyed reading your answers- and you came up with some great questions too!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. […] to my good friend Dave Blumrick over at The Film Editorial, which you should check it out, I got nominated again (Hooray!). Some I add his questions and my answers to this post as well. Check them […]

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