‘Doctor Strange’ Review


One reason for my lack of posts over the last couple of months is because ‘Doctor Strange’ was literally the first movie I went to the theater to see since August.

As you know, I’m a BIG Marvel fan. I’ve enjoyed every single movie in their cinematic universe thus far, and at this point I believe it’s safe to say that they can’t really make a truly bad movie. Some might be a little weaker than others, but at the end of the day, I think they’ve all been pretty good.

So where does ‘Doctor Strange’ rank among everything in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? I gotta say that the answer is somewhere in the middle. It’s definitely no ‘Civil War’ or ‘Winter Soldier’, but it’s also not nearly as mediocre as ‘Iron Man 2’, or ‘Thor: The Dark World’.

This origin story for the Sorcerer Supreme follows a very safe formula, with a good amount of action, humor, great characters, and an excellent musical score.

There are some issues. Rachel McAdams’ entire role was pretty much useless. There are a lot of cliche love interests in comic book movies, but this one was beyond lazy to me. There are other things her character does that just felt unrealistic in the situations she was involved in too. Very sloppy writing for her character in my opinion. The first half hour of the film after the introduction felt very rushed, but once Stephen Strange met The Ancient One, everything felt very smooth.

The stand-out of this whole movie though would be the special effects. Holy damn. It should come as no surprise that this was a comic that came out of the 60’s because this is one trippy experience.


I almost have to say the visuals (at times) were pretty over-whelming. For instance, there were times where the plot during action scenes felt a bit hard to follow, mostly because I was so distracted by how crazy everything looked. There were also sections where it seemed like things were moving a little too fast. It’s not really a confusing movie, it’s just that it seemed like a lot to take in for the run time that was actually presented to us. There seemed to be very little breathing room,  but that’s not to say the movie didn’t accomplish what it set out to do.

I think upon repeated viewings, I will actually gain a lot more in terms of what the movie was trying to lay down. There were just times during the movie where I felt like I was in a class where the teacher was going through the Power Points too fast, and I couldn’t take note of everything I needed. To be fair, I felt this way about ‘Inception’ the first time I saw that movie. It wasn’t until repeated viewings where I not only grew to appreciate it more, but it also became one of my all time favorites.

Not saying I will LOVE ‘Doctor Strange’ after watching it again. But I do think I would like it more, knowing that I won’t have to take in so much information again.

Overall, it’s another fine addition to the MCU that is definitely worth seeing in the theater, just for the visual experience alone.

Rating: B

The magic will continue in my next post, as tonight I will be seeing ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’!

4 comments on “‘Doctor Strange’ Review

  1. Nice review. Doctor Strange was very unique movie addition to the MCU. Wasn’t my favorite, but it was definitely good. Cumberbatch and Swinton were excellent in it.

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  2. I had fun with this one. It’s nothing new but Marvel hit all the right notes and the visuals were stunning. Can’t wait to see Dr. Strange pop up again in the MCU, possibly in the next Thor considering the post-credit scene?

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