Is DC Back?



The DC Extended Universe. Remember a year ago when we all felt like Sadffleck above in regards to the current DC movies?

I felt like this. Pretty silly right? They’re just movies. But this is DC we’re talking about. The superheroes that are household names, with logos that are recognizable throughout the entire world. Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman are essentially the Godfathers of the comic book hero. To many, they are the modern day equivalent to the Ancient Greek myths.

Generations upon generations have had their own incarnations of these heroes through comic books, television shows, movies, and merchandise. Everyone knows who these DC characters are AT LEAST by name. So when kick starting this DC cinematic universe, why were none of the movies so far as iconic as 1978’s ‘Superman: The Movie’, 1989’s ‘Batman’, or Nolan’s ‘Dark Knight trilogy’?


There are probably a ton of factors. But I think the biggest one was that WB/DC wanted to see if they could somehow catch up to Marvel with one swift stroke. It became about the business, and much less about the story and the characters.

Now, I’ll push myself to the other side of this coin for a second. I actually loved ‘Man of Steel’. Aside from some “Star Wars prequel” level dialogue here and there, I think it’s an awesome Superman movie. It might not have been the best it could have been, but I feel even to this day that it was at least a solid start to this universe. Starting with Superman is still the best move you could make. It would have been weird to start it with a more secondary character. Superman is the king, forever and always. So while ‘Man of Steel’ is a bit divisive among fans, I don’t think it really matters much in the long-haul. At the end of the day, it was still about Superman- and he should be the one that inspires all.

‘Batman v Superman’ came next, and I personally enjoyed that as well, for what it ended up being. I’ve actually rewatched the Ultimate Edition like 4 or 5 times since last summer and I enjoy it more and more each time. It’s a bloated mess, but I find it really entertaining nonetheless. Then there was ‘Suicide Squad’… which I absolutely hated.

So on a personal level, I’ve only truly disliked one movie so far, but that’s not to say that I still did not have major issues with just the general overall existence of both BvS and Suicide Squad. What do I mean by that?

Regardless of whether I liked either one of them or not- they shouldn’t have been made. What the hell is ‘Batman v Superman’? It’s not really a movie about the two of them going head to head like the title suggests. That’s like 10 minutes of the entire 3-hour movie. I suppose you could view it as “Batman” representing the human race and their outlook on Superman. He asks the question of whether or not we should trust him- which is a question addressed in the movie by all the people of Earth. In Superman’s death, both Batman and humanity discover that he was to not only be trusted, but looked up to. His selfless act of sacrificing himself to save a world that struggled to accept him is a very powerful bit that will (I’m sure) continue throughout the development of the Justice League.

So I just defended my own question, but still. It’s narratively a Man of Steel sequel- but why don’t we know this new Batman? Why didn’t we know Wonder Woman yet? Sure, it was a cool movie to me overall, but I wanted to truly care and feel invested when seeing this trinity together for the first time on-screen. I’m sure that in many years, after these characters are far more established, we’ll look back on this movie and accept it more. However, that’s really the issue I have with it. Part of the movie is a prequel to Justice League, and yet outside of Superman, we really don’t have an attachment to these characters at all. We all know Marvel did this better. And I get that DC didn’t want to copy Marvel. But maybe they should have.

I don’t even want to talk about ‘Suicide Squad’. I suppose that was DC’s answer to ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’? Yeah… well… it sucked. It was just a 2-hour music video. I guess from that angle, it’s probably one of the best music videos I’ve ever seen. When really thinking about it though, why were Harley Quinn and Deadshot more developed characters than ummm… Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, etc?

Instead of BvS, why didn’t they make a simple Man of Steel sequel? It could have still had Batman introduced in it, and have them go head to head and work together. They could have called it ‘World’s Finest’! Instead of ‘Suicide Squad’, WHY NOT JUST MAKE A BATMAN MOVIE?! From then on, it would have been ‘Wonder Woman’, then ‘Justice League’. This would have at least given us a fully established Trinity before getting to Justice League. Think about it. Man of Steel, World’s Finest, The Batman, Wonder Woman, Justice League. How much better does that look on paper compared to: Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman, and Justice League. WHERE DID THOSE 2ND AND 3RD MOVIES COME FROM? Again, at least BvS had some things right in regards to the structure of the universe, but it sure as hell didn’t need to be the bloated movie it ended up being because they were trying to establish a new Batman and sneak in some other metahumans.

The problem with DC so far to me wasn’t so much that they made a couple mediocre-at-best movies. It’s that they made a couple movies that had no business being made in the first place in regards to STARTING a shared universe. They needed a better approach overall, at least in regards to the 2016 releases.

I’m done ranting now because I have good news.


This powerful, courageous, {beautiful}, and wonderful woman just put DC back on track.

After last year, I was really nervous about the state of DC. If Wonder Woman wasn’t at least decent, then it would have proved that DC just didn’t know what they were doing. But I’m happy to say that BvS and Suicide Squad were just rocky missteps in the building of this universe.

‘Wonder Woman’ is a fantastic movie. I’m not going to go into a full review or anything but I will at least say some things. It’s easily the best DC movie since ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, and an argument could even be made that it’s the best since ‘The Dark Knight’. It felt a little more “Marvel” than any of the DCEU movies so far, and I mean that in a good way. It was light-hearted, fun, emotional, and very stylistic.

The charm that this movie had was on the same level as Richard Donner’s ‘Superman’. There were even several references to the original Superman movie throughout the film that I was a big fan of. Moving forward, I sincerely hope that thanks to this film’s success, we can see the Superman movies have this tone again.

The action was fantastic, and the score was very present throughout- which is something most Marvel movies actually struggle with. Gal Gadot is perfect, and the chemistry between her and Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor is extremely well done. I felt completely invested in their relationship, and I loved each of their “fish out of water” roles. Steve was funny when he was on Themyscira and surrounded by the Amazons, and Diana was hilarious when she was in the real world surrounded by normal people.

I could get into all the social achievements this film has, but I don’t feel I can really add anything that everyone else hasn’t already said. I’m honestly just really happy that FINALLY we have a movie that is centered around a female superhero, and I’m glad that it will change things for the foreseeable future. It’s completely obnoxious that it took this long for it to happen.

It’s just an awesome and fun movie. Go see it.

Now back to my original topic. Is DC back?


As long as ‘Justice League’ ends up being AT LEAST half as good as ‘Wonder Woman’… yes.

And I think it will be. As I said before, I think BvS and Suicide Squad were just missteps. They were too risky to be made as the 2nd and 3rd installments in building a universe. I can pretend Suicide Squad didn’t happen. Even though BvS was bloated, it at least gave more depth to Superman, and did a solid job of introducing us to this new iteration of Batman. Now with Wonder Woman fleshed out, we have our Holy DC Trinity established. ‘Justice League’ now feels like it’s not being totally rushed, and will fit in a place that makes sense. Could they have gone a little more into the Marvel route by having other standalones for Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman BEFORE this big team up? Yeah probably. But I can also see them doing a good job of just making those guys fun supporting characters in JL and then expanding their stories afterwards (which is their plan).

I’m not worried about it anymore. I really think they have everything together and it’s obvious they have a new plan that:

  1. Makes sense
  2. They’re taking their time and care withCP1471D-Trinity DC’s future looks bright.
    Bring on more movies of this quality WB!

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  1. It’s a step in the right direction!

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