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My Top 5 Films of 2016

Honorable mentions: ’10 Cloverfield Lane’ ‘Star Trek Beyond’ ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ (Ultimate Edition) ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’   Main List! #5. ‘La La Land’ Just saw this the other night. Probably won’t do a full review on it, but I think I can say what I need to right here. […]

‘Spotlight’ Review

If you read my review of ‘The Revenant’, you might remember me mentioning that a movie has to do one or two things. Entertain and/or educate me. The aforementioned film did neither, as I found it boring, and didn’t learn anything in the process. ‘Spotlight’ was probably the most constructive films I’ve seen in awhile. […]

‘The Revenant’ Review

I’m going to start this by listing off all of the things that makes ‘The Revenant’ objectively phenomenal. The cinematography is outstanding. The entire film is shot with only natural light, and it’s beautiful. The opening scene is filmed extremely well and sucked me right into the movie. The scene with Leo and the bear […]

‘Birdman’ Review

So the Oscars are happening and I realized I didn’t get to see nearly anything that is nominated for Best Picture. Out of everything, there were a few that I really wanted to see regardless of the nominations. ‘Birdman’, ‘Whiplash’, and ‘American Sniper’. Everything else seems interesting, but I personally don’t care about the Oscars […]

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